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Avenue of the Giants is as epic as it sounds—the whole world seems to hush as you step into groves of some of the world’s tallest trees. And with one of our guides along for the adventure, your eyes will be opened to the wonders of the forest like never before.

This hike starts Big Tree Loop, ​​then we’ll go to Rockefeller, and Founders Grove, near the south fork of the Eel River, and then Albino Redwood. We’ll wind through a short half-mile loop, taking a look at Founders Tree, once considered to be the world’s tallest tree at 346.1 feet tall. We’ll also walk alongside the fallen Dyersville Giant, another former world-record holder that now puts just how massive these trees are into perspective!

After Founders Grove, our tour will continue just a short drive away at Rockefeller Grove. On this loop, we’ll get a chance to see one of the fastest-growing Redwoods, Paradox, which is set to be the world’s tallest redwood by 2031. And if we’re lucky, we just might be able to see something that’s about as rare as a Bigfoot sighting—an albino Redwood!

This is our most family-friendly hike and is accessible to disabled persons as well. Because the hike is broken up into two sections, it’s ideal for families with small kids, or anyone who wants to go slow and soak up the wonder of the redwoods, and have snack breaks in between their forest strolls!

  • When to arrive? Your guide will call you ahead of time to confirm your start time and coordinate your meeting spot. Plan on arriving at the trailhead at the time you’re scheduled.
  • What to wear? We recommend wearing comfortable hiking apparel with layers, which includes a light jacket/rain jacket depending on weather, and durable hiking shoes.


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